Can you use your Intranet on a mobile device?

Nowadays the average employee in service oriented organisations has his own smartphone, tablet or laptop and deals with communication platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn with ease and has a faster computer and Internet acces at home than at work.




Status updates

A digital workplace like Quaive brings transparant communication on any device by allowing all employees to share rich status updates. Eventually this way of communication will replace e-mail and clear your inbox.

Allowing access on any device, anytime, anywhere requires a consistent user experiences across devices. When using a mobile device users they are mainly following the activity stream and post a status update every now. When working on your pc, you have access to more advanced features like adding a new workspace or managing security settings.

With these criteria in mind we iteratively designed a responsive user interface of Plone Intranet from scratch. The result, a clean and user friendly interface to Communicate and Collaborate on any device.

Responsive Design

One of the benefits of a good responsive design is that all information published in Plone Intranet is available on smartphone, tablets and regular

screens used with desktop computers and laptops. The way you use the Intranet depends on the task and device. For example, users want to send status updates from their mobile phone, but when writing a full news article it’s simple more practical to use a computer with a keyboard.

So we carefully balanced the available features for mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes.

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Working with files

Instead of having a separate Document Management System aside Plone Social Intranet includes a rich Document Management System with a powerful search engine.

Almost every employee is able to scan documents with his/her mobile device, this will be the main way to feed documents into the Intranet. Simply take a photo of a document, browse to the workspace, select the scan and upload it. This way incoming mail, fuel receipts, signed contract, etc can be digitalized with ease.

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