Plone Intranet 1.1 – Gaia Released

With many new features and a high level of detail polishing, the new Plone Intranet Community Edition 1.1 – codename: Gaia – empowers your team to stay connected wherever they are, no matter what device they’re on to get work done faster.


May, 2017

Ignite the conversation with content activity streams.

Now you can see automatic updates whenever new documents are published. Have conversations directly on the document it’s about, and move seamlessly between conversations at the document, team and organization-wide levels.

Focus your attention by following tags, and filtering on your interests.

Follow topic tags and people, and create a activity stream filtered and optimized for your needs.

Post editing features


Stay professional with stream moderation tools.

Ooops did you hit that send button too soon? Edit or delete your status update even after it was published, and avoid misunderstandings.

If you’re a manager, you can intervene if team members behave inappropriately online, to make sure communications and tone of voice are always on the level of professionality you expect from your people.

Stay in control with security audits and progress reports.

If you’re a manager type, you’ll love our new security audit app and the case management report app.