Upcoming Release:

Plone Intranet 1.2 – Mars

We have a new release in preparation,  the new Plone Intranet Community Edition 1.2 – codename: Mars. It contains a large number of fixes, latest mobile compatibility, latest Plone and some nice new features.


September, 2017

New apps

As Ploneintranet grows, more functionality is added mainly as apps. Apps are the best way to extend the intranet, cater for special needs and keep the system modular and flexible.

In this release, we introduce 5 new apps.

News app

Beautifully designed internal communication. Get the latest news of your company in a magazine like style. Fully managed from within the intranet and always catching attention.

The News app overview


Bookmarks app

Bookmark anything that is of interest to you and it will be on your dashboard. No longer interesting? Remove the bookmark. The app gives you the full overview.

Bookmarks app, accompanied by bookmark dashboard portlets


Document browser

Registration numbers, sector codes, archive tags – you name it. Whatever you use in your organisation, the Taxonomy Browser shows content according to your taxonomy.

Browse documents by Metadata using the document browser


Messages app

Get directly in contact with your colleagues using the messages app. Simple and unobtrusive one on one chat.

Chat directly to other users using the messages app


Administrator tool

Manage users in a simple way. Enable and disable to lock users out who have left the company without severing the bond between their profiles and the content they created.

Administrate your users in a simple and effective way


Content Improvements


Changes are now saved automatically as you work. One less thing to worry about.

Splash Pages on Login

You want to communicate something important to your users? Point to a new training programme? Use Splash pages that show only once on login.



Content can be versioned. Do you want to keep a state for later reference? Make sure you can revert in case of error? Just click to create a version.

Email-In directly into workspaces

With the digital workplace, we aim to reduce the amount of email. But you will still get a lot of it. Just forward it to your workspace  and continue work there.


PDF Versions for all content available

All content in Quaive has generated previews. Now all content also has a PDF version readily available as soon as it is uploaded.


Document locking

Documents show if somebody else is currently working on them. You are warned and you can directly get in contact with the other editor using the chat.

New Interfaces

ICS calendar export to Outlook

Don’t maintain events twice. Just subscribe to your intranet calendars in your Outlook or Apple calendar to stay up to date.

Support for external apps

An intranet does many things, but not everything. Connect external tools easily on the apps overview to have it all at one glance.

LDAP and Active Directory Support

Connect your intranet to your companies user directory, be it LDAP or Active Directory. Use data from there and supply with more information locally.


Fully Synced Users and Groups

Quaive can fully synchronize users and groups to become nearly fully independent of a central directory for speed.


Massive Speed improvements and optimisations

We have implemented speed improvements in all sections of quaive and optimized for quick page loads. Modern UI techniques are used to only load what really needs to change. And difficult tasks are dispatched to a background queue for delayed processing. The code has been thoroughly checked to remove inefficient calls and prevent the transfer of unnecessarily large files. Improved batching ensures that only the data which a user can see and interact with is transferred.

Automatic downscaling for small bandwidth connections

Where people are working in remote locations, download speed can still be an issue. Be it faulty connections, slow mobile speed or working on a train in Germany – not everyone always has a quick connection. Quaive has a way to detect a user’s current bandwidth and can automatically scale the UI down to low fidelity – scaling up again when the connection improves.



Optimised search, boosting results by age

Intranet content has a tendency to stick around long after it is useful and relevant. Quaive search can boost results – and by default it boosts recent content which leads to a much improved search experience.

Enhanced user management

Manage all your users within quaive. Even the ones coming from an exernal user directory like LDAP or Active Directory.


Latest Plone Version (5.0.8)

Quaive is always up to date with the latest Plone releases.

And few other improvements

  • The library is now properly searchable
  • Workspace calendar is now mobile accessible
  • New modern modal design
  • See who liked a post
  • Publish from Workspace to Library
  • Hero images for workspaces
  • Support for Email Notifications
  • Many many bugfixes

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