Plone Intranet Community Edition

1.1 – Gaia


Case Manager App

A convenient overview for all your cases, showing their status and useful statistics. Be the perfect manager by always knowing what’s going on in your business processes.

Rich previews in search results

All content now has real previews in the search results. You know immediately if the result is actually what you were looking for.


Search faceting

There is now an easy faceting in place so you can quickly segment your results by people, files, images, tags, file type, tags and date.


New WYSIWYG editor

The WYSIWYG editor has now been changed to Redactor which is much more stable and reliable than the old Raptor.

Case Manager – Perfect Overview


You have been using Plone Intranet for a while and you have modelled your internal processes with cases. The metro map shows you the progress for each case. Now the logical next step is to have a way to filter all your cases and get a quick overview of the state of all your cases.


The case manager app gives you exactly that. Besides the obligatory search, you can filter by role, unit, applicant, assignee, type, assigned event, archival state, workflow state, date and more, depending on the attributes of your cases. You’ll always know what’s going on and which projects need a nudge.

Additional Features

Activity Stream

  • enabled also on workspace documents
  • posts and comments can be edited and deleted
  • posts now fully support attachment previews
  • posts can be tagged
  • tag stream view
  • you can follow tags
  • filter stream by your interests


  • Extended sidebar functionality.
  • Improved bulk actions to cut, copy, paste, delete, share, and download
  • Archiving workspaces, cases and documents
  • Workspaces and Cases can be grouped in divisions
  • Workspaces and Cases can accept guest users
  • Cases can be frozen


  • Dashboard page is now customizable
  • Faceting in the search
  • Rich previews in search
  • Search options parameters are sticky per user
  • User profile lists own documents
  • Improved editing on the user profile


  • Latest stable Plone version (5.0.7)
  • Userprofile API has new and more performant methods
  • SOLR search maintenance views
  • Membrane groups
  • WYSIWYG editor switch to redactor
  • More than 400 bug fixes

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