Carefree in the Cloud or self-hosted, Quaive can do both!

Choose the level of support and size of your installation for your social intranet. Pricing of Quaive is about hosting – hassle free in the cloud or supported by us on your premises. Pricing is also about service and upgrades. It is not about licenses. Every buck goes directly into maintaining your installation, Quaive the software and securing its future!

Simple Pricing

There are no hidden costs. You pay per seat and get always the latest version of Quaive readily installed in your cloud. Never worry about hotfixes or security patches again. If you reduce or up-size your staff, you are just billed what you are using each month.


You can add more options to your plan. Options include 

  • Visual branding in line with your company identity
  • Custom add-ons
  • Enhanced Onboarding Support
  • Custom Integration with Your Other Enterprise Systems including Active Directory and Single Sign-On
  • Customisation Consulting and Custom Development
  • Customized / dedicated Hosting
  • 2nd level Helpdesk priority service levels

Contact sales for details.


Prices are in Euro and involve an annual subscription. Contact us for payments in other currencies.

Onboarding Support

For companies with 250 or more employees we offer full access to our team of Implementation Specialists during the first 2 months of your subscription. We help you to identify the potential of Quaive for your organisation and get the maximum out of the possibilities we offer.

Full support

Support is provided by email.


Additional storage can be added at a reasonable cost, when required.


We host in Germany under the German data protection laws with a dedicated data protection officer attached. Keep your data in a safe place! We also offer an alternate hosting location within the USA for US customers.


Companies with more than 250 employees can choose to host Quaive on-premise in their own data center. We provide a OSI certified GPL2 open source license on the full product.

For on-premise hosting we include installation and upgrade support and even offer on-premise support separately.


With the included annual subscription, you get bug fixes, service updates and support the continuous evolution of Quaive. New features are deployed as they become available and will be automatically installed for your intranet. You are always up to date. 

Get in touch

Do you have any questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch, we are there to answer and clarify, without any strings attached! If you send us a note, a real person will get back to you with an answer as quick as possible.