Introducing Quaive

The Social Intranet Collaboration Solution

We’ve specifically developed the Quaive software to deliver the balance of social tools, structure, and process that our customers demand to successfully introduce a modern digital workplace into their organisation.

Be productive

Provide staff with the tools and information they need to get things done

Work together

Strengthen internal communication, engage employees, build a sense of community

Stay organised

Manage key tasks and common business processes; keep up-to-date

On any device

Mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop

Impressions of a social intranet

Core Features

Fully responsive interface

Consistent user experience across desktop and mobile. All modern browsers are fully supported.

Flexible, secure team workspaces

for departments, teams and projects.


User customisable notifications

In-browser, via email, and on your mobile device.

Desktop application integration

Integration with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.

Personal activity timeline

Keep employees up-to-date with a personalised feed of recent intranet activity.

Search that works

Super-fast intelligent search; filter by type, tag, date; browse people, images, documents etc.

Read any document, anywhere

Integrated document viewer – access shared documents anywhere, on any device.


Push comms portal

Comms microsite within your company intranet. Notifications and email alerts. Full social support if you need it.

Adaptive management workflows

Let your team assemble and adapt their processes while they’re working, within a framework you prescribe.


News Management

Publish news for different target audiences and keep track of trending topics in your intranet.

Integrated social suite

Share, comment, discuss, and like; one-to-one, in your teams, and across your organisation.

ActiveDirectory and LDAP integration

With support for an internally-hosted Microsoft environment.

Document library

Organise common documents in a central hierarchy that matches your organisation.

Rich content management

Industry-standard visual editor to create your own media-rich content.


Security that's easy to manage

The best security track record of any major CMS.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Internal Communications Manager

“I want to thank you all personally for the tremendous effort that you’ve put into our new intranet. I know there’s a few things still to do but the feedback generally here is incredibly positive.”


Operations Procedures and Training Specialist

“The addition of search hints and the weighting of document titles has allowed us to guide site users to the most relevant information for the most common search terms.”


Intranet & Digital Workplace Advisor

“We found that – from both a user and business point-of-view – combining social features and core process support on one platform is clearly superior to trying to integrate separate pure-play social and case management platforms.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Quaive and Plone Intranet?

“Quaive” is the brand name for the latest code base. It is driven by customer projects and thus has the latest features, is tuned for performance and well polished – but it is not necessarily generic enough for everybody. We consider it necessary to allow some time for new features to mature before we include them in the Community Edition – which is then called “Plone Intranet”.

Also, there are some add ons – mainly interesting for the enterprise sector – which we only offer for Quaive at the moment. Read more on this in the behind the scenes blog post.

What underlying technologies does the Quaive software use?

We use a mix of proven, secure, scalable Open Source technologies:

  • Python – a programming language that lets us work quickly and integrate systems effectively.
  • Plone CMS – a stable and mature web and document content management system technology.
  • Apache Solr – an enterprise grade search engine.
  • Piwik – the leading open-source analytics platform.
  • Open LDAP – an open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Where can I download this Open Source Software?

You can find the source code of the community edition of Quaive on Github as Plone Intranet.

The source code of the more advanced enterprise edition is only available to clients and partners directly. Once it stabilises, it gets released to the above Plone Intranet repository.

Can I become a partner in the Quaive Intranet Consortium?

Yes, just get in touch at!

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