The Roadmap contains our plans for the future. As Quaive is project driven, this is subject to change. 

Quaive 1.2 – Mars

Quaive 1.2 Mars has been released and is already used on customer projects.
For more details about this release, please have a look at the Features page.

Quaive 1.3 – Jupiter

Quaive 1.3 Jupiter has also been released.
Below you will see an overview of the current features.

Task App

It has been possible to create tasks in Quaive since the very beginning. Tasks are a simple item in workspaces and become a structural tool in cases when they populate the phases between milestones, completely managed by the team. Notifications on deadlines help keeping on track. And the dashboard shows upcoming tasks.

The task app helps you to find and manage all tasks assigned or relevant to you, wherever they are in the system. What is assigned to me? What tasks did I create for others? What is the state of all my tasks in a workspace? Or in the intranet? Which tasks haven’t been completed for a long time? The task app comes to the rescue and provides you with a quick and direct access to the answers to all these questions.

Event agendas

Events gain a manually configurable agenda. So just write down what you want to talk about.

Separation between human and content stream

You can now pick if you want to focus on human updates, content updates or both.

Personal dashboard

Configure your own dashboard and decide whether you want to see small or large portlets.

Link workspaces

Do two workspaces belong to or supplement each other? Just link them and users will be able to quickly switch over.

Commentable todos

Todos are now commentable as well. Do you want to say something on how it was completed? Just do so below.

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