Quaive is a secure social collaboration platform. It integrates document sharing and communication in a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Change the way you work

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Modern organizations don’t want to be stuck in email hell. Quaive provides a modern alternative to email, that is more efficient and more transparent. You can share documents and files directly in Quaive. The conversation on a document, is also available in the global activity stream.

Quaive is a deeply social platform

If somebody adds a comment or mentions you, you’ll get a notification. This provides a shared history of all conversations, and makes it easy to find out what is going on.


All teams find a home in the Quaive platform. Workspaces combine groups of people, with the documents, tasks and events they are working on. Each collaboration effort has its own secure zone, that contains all the relevant information.

  • You can search, discuss, and bookmark everything.
  • Documents and information are no longer spread across opaque email threads, or hidden in personal folders
  • Our intuitive security model ensures, that only the right people can access sensitive information.
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Quaive helps you to transform your organization into a modern, efficient and transparent workplace. It removes friction between disparate communication and collaboration tools, offering a unified platform experience instead. It removes friction between teams and departments, by providing a shared space for all information. It removes friction between people, by providing a transparent and open platform for all communication. Quaive enables employees to self-organize and work smarter. It builds a sense of community and shared purpose.

Strong Solutions

Quaive is a flexible, scalable and secure platform. We designed and built Quaive, to support your digital transformation journey.

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Engage Employees

Quaive fills the need for a central information and communication portal, where employees start their working days. The dashboard provides a quick overview of all the things that are important to you. It helps employees orient themselves fast. It fosters employee engagement, by providing the digital equivalent of “coffee corner conversations.”

  • User configurable dashboard
  • Modern intuitive user interface
  • News magazine and library
  • Social interactions
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Boost Productivity

Quaive is a full digital workplace platform. You can collaboratively edit documents, have deep conversations, follow up on tasks, and schedule events. We provide specialized apps for HR to manage employee leave, and to support other business processes. You can access Quaive from anywhere, on any device. It is secure, and EU hosted. We also support on-premise installations.

  • Document collaboration
  • Task management
  • Web-based remote access
  • EU hosted
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Spark Innovation

Quaive provides a platform for knowledge sharing and innovation. Make information available across departmental silos. Share the projects you’re working on, and solicit input from across the organization. Search for topic experts, and connect with them. Empower employees to self-organize in pursuit of common goals. Feel the pulse of your organization, and discover unexpected synergies.

  • Social activity stream
  • @-mentions and notifications
  • Contacts directory
  • Team Spaces

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Powerful core applications

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Activity Stream
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There's much more...

Quaive is a “batteries included” social collaboration platform. It includes many functionalities out of the box. We designed all these features, to help you and your team to work together more efficiently. Close integration between our applications, ensures a consistent and smooth user experience.

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Publish company events to central calendars. Manage all your events across all workspaces in you personal calendar. Subscribe to calendars in Outlook.

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Document Management

Read documents without opening Office. Organize documents into folders, or group them by tag, title, or author. Fulltext search.

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Collaborative Editor

Seamless remote collaboration. See each other’s edits in real time. Place and resolve comments. Track versions.

icon tasks

Track and delegate milestones and tasks, within each team workspace. See your urgent tasks on your dashboard.

icon bookmarks

Collect all important documents, contacts and workspaces into your personal bookmark collection. Highlight your bookmarks on your dashboard.

icon notifications

Receive desktop and email notifications when somebody at-mentions you, leaves a comment on one of your documents, or assigns a task to you.

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icon library
icon search
icon polls
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Legal contracts
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Case Management
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Why Quaive?

Your staff will love Quaive because it is easy to use and helps them to get their work done. Onboarding is a breeze, because Quaive is intuitive and self-explanatory. No training needed.

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