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We believe that agility in your business systems is essential in maintaining momentum and supporting ongoing change within your organisation.

Quaive - The Intranet that makes me want to use it!

Quaive is easy to use!

Take a quick tour of Quaive in a screencast or try it out yourself. You are going to love it!
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Be productive

Provide staff with the tools and information they need to get things done

Work together

Strengthen internal communication, engage employees, build a sense of community


Stay organised

Manage key tasks and common business processes; keep up-to-date

On any device

Mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop


Understand your organisation

We’ll work with you to understand how your teams work, and your overall strategy and priorities.

Typically this will involve consultation with your management team and gap analysis for any existing information management tools.

Free Download: Digital Workplace Technology Roadmap

Exploring the future of knowledge work at the intersection of social and knowledge technologies


Develop information architecture

Your business portal needs to reflect the way your organisation is structured and functions.

We strive to ensure our intranet software delivers the tools and information your users actually need, and is recognisable to users from the outset.


Deliver Quaive™ software

Our continually evolving intranet platform can be hosted on site or in the cloud.

Simple and engaging to use

Flexible team workspaces


Fast, intuitive search

Pluggable apps


Secure with easy management


Analyse impact for continuous improvement

Receive a quarterly report from our team highlighting key metrics and ongoing recommendations.

We look at usage, search and content metrics to understanding what is working and what could be improved.


  • 80%
  • 30%
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 20%
  • 60%

Guaranteed help and support

All Quaive certified solution partners offer a comprehensive support and maintenance service. Regular software updates ensure you don’t miss out on enhancements to our continually evolving tools.






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About Us

A consortium of European and US companies that specialise in delivering intranet solutions, with over 120 information portals delivered to date

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